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Affordable lawyer Saint George Utah

Saint George Utah Affordable Legal

A law firm with a value menu? Yes, you heard right. Affordable Legal is different from any other law firm you’ve ever seen. We’ve been in the industry for over fifty combined years, so we’ve seen it all. Throughout all of that time, we’ve listened to our clients.

The overwhelming feedback we got from our clients consisted of mainly the following:
1. I can’t afford an attorney
2. It’s unclear what an attorney costs

Affordable Legal has removed the mystery from the legal process. You can see all of our prices right here on our website. We call it our value menu because each service we offer is extremely inexpensive, but is packed with value. We’ve streamlined the process and we don’t charge for unnecessary time spent with an attorney.

Our value menu even has combo deals, combining several processes that naturally fit together. It saves us time and you money, so you pay a fraction of the price for the services we offer. YOU CAN afford an attorney. And chances are, if you’re here, you need one. Give us a call at 435-400-4000 or fill out our contact form today.